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Local: 780-413-9888 Toll-Free: 1-800-668-0507
248 Manning Crossing NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5A 5A1
Manning Crossing Shopping Center Hours: Mon- Fri 9:00 am - 7:00 pm and Sat 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Featured Products

A Stargazing Stargazer & Roses
Flowers, stargazer lilies, lilies, red roses, luscious greens! Edmonton florist Pick up or delivery...
A Beauty Tropical Look
Blue dendrobium orchids, blue roses, birds of paradise, with purple statice in a lush tropical...
balloon arch & flowers decorating
  Balloon decorations, flowers, balloon arch, balloon clusters, Special Event Flowers custom floral...

Call for Price
A Pink Wink Vase
This florist does Special Event flowers, custom floral design. Flower arrangements from our flower...

A Be Happy Face Mug
Daisies and yellow roses, white daisies and yellow daisies are arranged in this custom Be Happy®...
a avid pink roses FLOWERS arranged
Pink roses, flowers arranged in a clear glass vase, Floral bouquets send such a beautiful message...
A Beautiful Tropical Birds & Orchids
Birds of Paradise, blue dendrobium orchids, spider mums, orange lily with purple statice and...
A + Be my Love
Life's best moments together are about the purity of love. Send this captivating flower bouquet to...

A Blue Horizons With White Tones
This exquisite flower bouquet of white lilies and blue roses, blue flowers, white lilies, blue...
A Butterflies Dancing Basket
How can you show that you care? With a basketful of dancing butterflies and flowers! Butterflies...
And You're One In A Million!
It's a beautiful way to tell her she's still one in a million! This florist does Special Event...
12 Rainbow Roses, handtied
RAINBOW ROSES Hand tied bouquet of 12 rainbow roses, container would be an add on...you request, ...

And the Look Of Love
Express your love with style with red roses and white lilies in a gorgeous glass vase. She’ll love...
A Pair Of Birds with Blue Orchids
A contemporary flower arrangement sure to please. Orange birds of paradise and blue dendrobium...
An Amazing Hug-Getter
Special event Flowers, florist custom floral designed a delightful bear hugging a glass vase with...
A Purple Roses bouquet
Florist custom floral design Special Event flowers, 12 premium purple roses, arranged into a...

New Products For May

a corsage orchids bling royal blue
Corsage for grad, graduation corsage, wedding corsage, custom floral design orchids & fancy bling...
a A+ corsage orchids bling bracelet wristlet pinks
a A+ corsage orchids with bling bracelet wristlet pinks, rhinestone accents. Ask to vary the...
a A+ boutonniere & corsage orchids pink white bling rhinestones
A+ boutonniere & corsage with orchids, pink or white, with bling rhinestone bracelet, accents of...
a A+corsage orchids bling wristlet teal ribboning
a A+corsage orchids bling wristlet teal ribboning

a A+ corsage bling bracelet orchids rhinestones glitz
a A+ corsage bling bracelet orchids rhinestones glitz, you choose the color of your ribboning,...
boutonniere + corsage wristlet purple roses bling rhinestones
Boutonniere, corsage wristlet, purple roses, bling rhinestones to accent to really look great. The...
A boutonniere & a corsage bling orchids bracelet fancy
a A+ boutonniere & corsage orchids pink white bling rhinestones
a A+ a corsage bling braclet orchids bling rhinestones, pink
A+ A+corsage, bling braclet, orchids, bling, rhinestones, pink or choose another colour option...